People who are resilient work smarter, and can negotiate the inevitable changes that are the one certainty of life.  People who know what teamwork really means can turn good teams into great ones.

The Challenge of Change is measurable and results focused.   Amongst Resources you will find Case Studies, Latest Research Findings, and other downloads, all useful to share with colleagues or attach to proposals.

  • "...our workforce is better prepared for and able to cope with change."
    Christine Sewell  
  • "We've found the Challenge of Change empowers people to adapt positively to change..."
    Kerry Cornelious  
  • "It's the only training course in the area of stress management I would recommend."
    Rochelle Spillane  
  • "...some staff have referred to it as 'life changing'..."
    Karen Mather  
  • "...the course dispelled many myths about stress, backed up with simple coping mechanisms..."
    Blair Stevenson  
  • "...really beneficial - particularly relevant in the challenging retail environment where the only real constant is change..."
    Richard Binns  
  • How to chill without a pill

    An article written by Jane Tolerton for The NZ Listener, 04 January 2014.

    If you make one New Year's resolution don't replay the year's worst moments in your head. Don't think about what went wrong. No what ifs or if onlys. Just move on. This is the advice of psychologist Derek Roger, a world leader in resilience. He has developed a pragmatic programme for dealing with stress, based on some heavy-duty scientific research he did at the University of York.

    To download the complete article click here. Listener 04/01/14 Article.


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