People who are resilient work smarter, and can negotiate the inevitable changes that are the one certainty of life.  People who know what teamwork really means can turn good teams into great ones.

Psychology, psychometrics and neuroscience have been combined to develop The Challenge of Change designed to bring about positive influence in individuals, teams and culture. 

  • "...our workforce is better prepared for and able to cope with change."
    Christine Sewell  
  • "We've found the Challenge of Change empowers people to adapt positively to change..."
    Kerry Cornelious  
  • "It's the only training course in the area of stress management I would recommend."
    Rochelle Spillane  
  • "...some staff have referred to it as 'life changing'..."
    Karen Mather  
  • "...the course dispelled many myths about stress, backed up with simple coping mechanisms..."
    Blair Stevenson  
  • "...really beneficial - particularly relevant in the challenging retail environment where the only real constant is change..."
    Richard Binns  
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    The New Zealand Team

    Cynthia Johnson - Master Trainer, Derek Roger - Founder,                           and Dr Peter Blyde - Training Associate.

    New book published for 2017

    Derek Roger and our USA based colleague, Nick Petrie, have just published an engaging new book, Work Without Stress: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success.  

    Work without Stress: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success by [Roger, Derek, Petrie, Nick]

     It is an easy read of the four steps to building a resilient life, plus an accessible summary of the research foundation of our programme. In turn these principles are discussed within a leadership context. What does a resilient leader do and how do you develop these skills?  How do leaders build resiliency in teams and lead change? 

     We have a few hardback copies for sale at $28:00, including NZ standard postage. Email to order a copy.


    Latest course feedback

    "Cynthia is an awesome and engaging presenter. Now I understand the damage stress and rumination can have on my health and quality of life."

    "This course is probably the first course that is so simple yet so complex at the same time.  It was strange that even though it didn't feel like you were learning things, you actually learned more. Thanks for coming to Mitre 10."

    "Peter is an excellent presenter- warm, friendly which made it easy to talk. Also helped that real examples were shared from him personally. Very funny. Very knowledgeable."

    "Very interesting, and important/relevant particularly in a world of increasing pressure with e-mails and smartphones."  

    "I feel I'll be able to step back and think of the work as "the work", letting it be neutral so I'm not personally offended or upset by criticism."

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    Conference speaking feedback

    Very helpful about how to identify and stop ruminating - I think everyone enjoyed the anecdotes

    Outstanding. Could have had longer time on the Agenda it was so worthwhile.

    Thanks, I will definitely work at developing and practicing this skill of controlling my attention.

    Women in Pharma and Medical Leadership Summit, March 2017

    Great presentation and workshop. Short, sharp and snappy!!! Everyone loved it.

    NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM), June 2016

    "FANTASTIC!  Beyond expectation.  Terrific presenter.   Connected with everyone for whole 2 hours.  Really thought provoking.  Right time for this presentation.  Just loved it!" 

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    The Voice of America: Our resilience programme at the Centre for Creative Leadership

    Our Challenge of Change Resilience programme has been included in the leadership development offering of the USA Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) for over three years now. Many NZ executives and HR people know CCL as a pre-eminent American leadership development centre.

    New Zealander and colleague Nick Petrie has worked in the leadership development team at CCL for four years, and amongst other responsibilities he leads the Resilience programme and the team of CCL people Derek trained to run it.

    We thought we would catch up with Nick to find out how things have been going.

    Read the full interview here

    Psychobabble - Derek Roger's Blog

    Dr Derek Roger's Blog | Psychobabble | Stress Management | Challenge of Change
    A few months ago I attended the 13th annual conference on Happiness and Its Causes in Sydney. (The taxi driver laughed all the way from the airport to the convention centre at the idea that people needed a conference on how to be happy.) The preconference workshop was led by Matthieu Ricard, a gifted philosopher, scientist and author, and the conference itself was opened by a video interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Both men had a similar wise and timely theme: they spoke of how our attention is easily captured by the extraordinary and the out of ordinary. They referenced the events in the UK and Paris, for example, as well as international political events, describing how these events and people are extraordinary or out of the ordinary, and how as a consequence they capture our attention. Sometimes our attention is so captured we seek out more and more and more information, reading everything we can about an event or person. We can become so engrossed that we feel outrag

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