Lizards and Leaders

Robert Ardrey claimed in The Territorial Imperative that a human being is 'as much a territorial animal as is a mockingbird singing in the clear California night'.

I'm Stickin' With You

The immediate feedback we receive from our Resilience courses is overwhelmingly positive and very humbling...

Me First!

There have been many references over the past few years to managers being narcissistic or even psychopathic.

The Conundrum of Engagement

Employee engagement is highly correlated with a variety of measures such as productivity, absenteeism, retention, and customer satisfaction.

People Skills

What is it that makes an effective manager?

More Delicious Data

The effects of CoC Resilience training on sickness-absence and CoC Profile scores.

Delicious Data

Does training actually work?


Business is based on competition, and it is the choice between competitors that benefits consumers by keeping prices down.

Regaining Trust?

‘Regaining the Trust’, but to regain trust it must once have existed.

The Challenge of Change: A New Zealand case study

One of the consequences of a recession is a greater need for evidence when making decisions about how to spend a diminishing budget.


In the most recent World Values Survey, which ranks the countries of the world on happiness, Denmark tops the list.