Psychology myths

Feeling Barmy in a BANI World?

Feeling out of sorts? A bit anxious? You may be experiencing the BANI world. BANI is a model to explain the confusion and anxiety in response to global conditions.

Taking a Chance

Evolution is often thought to be a process of trial and error. In fact, it’s the other way round: evolution proceeds by error and trial.

Great Expectations

We often hope that things will get better, or at least, not worse. Better or worse actually means better or worse 'for me.'

Something Mything

​The field of stress and stress management has more myths than the traditions of ancient Greece and Rome together.

Why do we do it?

Why do we ruminate?

Me First!

There have been many references over the past few years to managers being narcissistic or even psychopathic.

It's not black and white!

We emphasise that there is no 'good stress', and that all that stress offers is a life that may be shorter and will definitely be more miserable.

Where's TED?

A recent TED talk by Kelly McGonigal was an opportunity to demonstrate that the earth is not after all flat.

Resilience: Inoculation Against Stress

The research programme that underpins the Challenge of Change Resilience programme was based on the fundamental question in science – what's wrong?


Many models have been proposed to try to define and explain stress, but a common feature is a reliance on capacity.

Another day, another myth

During the 1950s and 60s two US Naval surgeons noticed a relationship between the number of things that had happened to people and their tendency to become ill.

Dangerous Myths

The NZ Herald recently carried an article claiming that “showing your anger rather than repressing emotions is the key to a successful life at home and at work”.