Night Class. A programme about sleep

  • 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Pre-course questionnaires to assess sleep quality and body clock
  • How sleep happens
  • How to eliminate barriers to sleep
  • How to sleep better

About one third of us suffer from the effects of a poor night’s sleep. This means that we make mistakes, are more accident prone, can’t think at our best and get snappy with others. Many people on our Resilience programmes recognise that stress impedes their sleep and know that poor sleep makes the pressure of the next day so much harder.

In this programme, we discuss the neuroscience of sleep including: the drive to sleep, sleep cycles, body clocks, and the role of hormones and other brain chemicals. We show what can impair sleep and what we can do to get a better night of sleep.

Like our other courses, before people come to this class, we ask them to complete some questionnaires about their sleep patterns.

Many of our clients offer this programme as part of their employee well-being initiatives