Meridian Energy

“. . .we had evidence of significant shifts and improvements in working that lifted the whole team . . .”

Meridian Energy is the largest state owned electricity generator in NZ. Meridian sees their people as exceptional, and making sure that they are valued, motivated and challenged gives the company a significant competitive advantage. Meridian Energy’s internal philosophy is summed up in a set of values and behaviours called the Meridian Way. It is used in the recruitment, selection and performance evaluation of staff and contractors.

Garth Dibley, Markets & Production Director 
“The fact that The Challenge of Change is backed by research was important in gaining acceptance amongst our engineering staff who were interested in the research and like things to be substantiated. We also found the individual assessments to be not only accurate but empowering, giving people real opportunities for improvement.

We have an end goal to pursue Asset Management Excellence and to be benchmarkable and so at the outset I asked for results to be measured so we could demonstrate movement in some critical success factors. The 360 surveys that were carried out gave real evidence of significant shifts in dynamics and cultures.

We found real value in not just running The Challenge of Change in isolation but in running the whole programme – from an initial on-site assessment; broad diagnostic assessment including overall climate survey to a follow-up assessment, based on an analysis of the change. As mentioned we had evidence of significant shifts and improvements in working that lifted the whole team. From a presentation point of view, I would describe the style as quite unique, a nice personal touch. I would say that The Challenge of Change gives you life skills and the ability to improve personal wellness.”