Focus Programme

  • two x two hour sessions
  • four steps to a resilient life
  • the opportunity to work on one personal example
  • some practical experiences in the workshop
  • applied exercises between sessions to embed and practice the first two steps.

Usually only available when two sessions are run in one day.

This programme is the same as the Highlights programme, except that there is a break between sessions, often of a couple of days. In the break, participants are invited to complete some practice exercises so that they can experience and apply the first two steps, before progressing to the final two steps of the programme. This programme is often offered where it is difficult to take people out of the work environment for more than two hours, e.g. call centre employees.

Richard Hopkins, HR Adviser, Landcare Research

We have been very impressed with The Challenge of Change. The research it's based on is robust and the training itself really challenges your thinking. We’ve had all round positive feedback, with participants utilising what they’ve learnt; consequently The Challenge of Change is now part of our Leadership Development Programme.