People who are resilient are able to bring their best thinking & relationship skills to challenges they encounter, and can keep themselves well.

Psychology, psychometrics and neuroscience have been combined to develop The Challenge of Change Resilience™ programmes - designed to bring about positive influence in individuals, teams and culture.

Learning to be resilient is a life skill.

Learning to be resilient is a life skill.

Who doesn’t have too much to do? Who isn’t in a role where deadlines are tight, the context is ambiguous, regulatory compliance is increasing, roles are being restructured, customers are demanding more, and recruitment is a challenge?  Who doesn’t also have family commitments to juggle, commuting hassles, and housing expenses?

These experiences are unavoidable pressure. What we need to learn to avoid is turning them into stress. On our programmes we show you how.

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New Zealand organisations have used the Challenge of Change Resilience workshops

Our clients have used the Challenge of Change Resilience workshops:

  • As part of a health and safety or well-being programme.
  • As part of leadership programmes.
  • As part of ongoing learning and development.
  • For teams whose work demands are about to go through a peak.
  • For teams and people whose work is changing.
  • Before restructuring.

If like a growing number of leading NZ organisations you would like to benefit from The Challenge of Change, then why wait, please get in touch today.

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