Premium Programme

  • 1 full day
  • 8 personal Resilience factors
  • the opportunity to work on two personal examples
  • practice opportunities in the session
  • follow up videos sent three months after the course to reinforce the learning
  • the opportunity to retake the personal resilience survey. (There is an additional fee for this.)

This is our original programme and there is research evidence for the impact it can have on people’s resilience. It is similar in most ways to the Master Class, though without the between sessions practice exercises.

During the course participants work on two of their own examples. We show how the mind can take an everyday pressure situation and turn it into stress. On the course participants get to see and practice Step 1 – Wake Up, and Step 2 - Control Attention, and to explore ways they can integrate these two steps into their everyday life.

We demonstrate the effect that stress can have on the body and then go on to explore that outcomes of the questionnaire participants completed before they came to the course. On this course we examine eight research based factors that can enable or prevent resilience.

They are then introduced  to Step 3 of the programme – Detach, and Step 4  – Let Go. Detach is the ability to separate out the negative emotion, to see things as they are, and not to get overly involved in upset. From a detached perspective people can make sound, rational decisions and can bring more positive energy to the events in their lives. We discuss how the lack of detachment impacts work and their personal lives and using examples from their own experiences we show simple techniques for detaching and letting go.

Participants generate a simple resilience plan for themselves and we support their learning by sending three videos which summarise the key points three months after the course has ended.

Ballance Agri Nutrients, 2018, Course participant comments

  • It provides the opportunity to define what’s causing your personal discomfort and strategies to address/ move forward.
  • The workshop identified key areas for me to personally work on and strategies to adopt for improvement.
  • Too many people I know are really negative, this would help them to think about “why” they are.
  •

Sport New Zealand, 2016, Course participant’s comments

  • It was the right mix of theory and practical.
  • Practical and useful in the real world.
  • Very relevant to what we experience as leaders.  Very practical and useful tips.
  • It is a window of opportunity for self-examination that most people don't access.  A course like this forces you to take this opportunity.
  • The strategies presented were practical ways of dealing with every day solutions.
  • Delivered well, good personal examples