The Warehouse

". . .participants are applying The Challenge of Change techniques and are experiencing immediate positive pay-off, our business as a whole is benefiting from this." 

The Warehouse is New Zealand's largest General Merchandise retailer.  It aims to attract and retain the best people and then create an environment where they are supported and encouraged to do their best. The Warehouse is on a journey to become New Zealand's best retail Group and The Challenge of Change programme has a key role to play to support this and the embedding of a new Way of Working across our business.  

Christine Sewell, Head of Culture & Change Support
"We introduced Derek's Challenge of Change workshop into some of our senior leadership development programmes several years ago. This workshop helped us achieve our goal of developing holistic leaders who fully understand themselves and the impact their behaviour has on others. The Challenge of Change made an immediate impact on many of these managers. For some it has been a life changing experience and we have seen significant behavioural changes. Participants have openly commented that this has been as a direct result of attending The Challenge of Change. 

Given the success of The Challenge of Change on our leadership programmes, we then extended the reach of the programme to our team members at other levels. The aim of this was to develop overall organisational resilience. This has lead to considerable ongoing benefits for our business, particularly a workforce that is better prepared for and able to cope with change.  This has also lead to significant benefits for individuals in their personal lives and many have commented that they appreciate being able to go on a programme that is 'not just about work'.

The Challenge of Change training is simple, clear and visual and gives participants immediate techniques they can use. It is also heavily research based, ensuring real credibility with our team.  I would say some participants have gone from not coping very well with the demands of their roles prior to the programme, to coping very well within days or weeks of completing The Challenge of Change. They are using a common language, applying the techniques they have been taught and are experiencing immediate positive pay off and our business as a whole is benefiting from this." 

The Warehouse