What is stress?

Pressure to Perfom.

Olympic athletes teach us about performing under pressure, including the importance of rest and recovery, and that resilience can be broken and restored.

Resilire et Robur

Resilience is both the ability to adapt to changes, and to stand firm when change is happening around you. We can practice how to do both.

Something Mything

​The field of stress and stress management has more myths than the traditions of ancient Greece and Rome together.

Don't worry, be happy

A few months ago I attended the 13th annual conference on Happiness and Its Causes in Sydney.

Carried Over the Threshold

One of the fundamental principles of the Challenge of Change Resilience Training is that stress is not caused by people or situations but is the self-inflicted habit of ruminating about emotional upset.

Me First!

There have been many references over the past few years to managers being narcissistic or even psychopathic.

Mind Full of What?

The new buzz-word is 'mindfulness'.

Resilience: Inoculation Against Stress

The research programme that underpins the Challenge of Change Resilience programme was based on the fundamental question in science – what's wrong?

Reflecting, Sleeping, Ruminating

The key to understanding what the programme is about is attention.

Sir Graham Henry and the All Blacks: Champions of Resilience

How is Sir Graham Henry coping with the stress of releasing a book and the furore surrounding his suspicion about match fixing in the 2007 game against France?


Many models have been proposed to try to define and explain stress, but a common feature is a reliance on capacity.

Listen, just relax

We generally attach relaxation to particular times, such as weekends or the summer holiday.

Being Well

‘Well-being’ and ‘wellness’ are increasingly popular phrases in the training world, but what do they actually mean?