Online Programme

  • online version
  • 3 modules – self paced
  • 2 hours total time
  • survey of 4 personal Profile resilience factors
  • progress reviews built into the modules
  • includes all support materials: mindfulness exercises, additional Profile debrief, and 90-day follow-up Refresher video

The Challenge of Change Online is an online version of our Resilience programmes, and benefits from all of the established research evidence.

The Online is completed in participants’ own time.  Registration is via a dedicated code which allows unlimited access over a 30-day period, and completion can be halted with automatic return to last point of progress.

A four-factor version of the Challenge of Change Profile is integrated into the course.  Scores are automatically mailed to participants, and remain completely confidential to them.

In addition to an Introduction to the Resilience programme, the modules include the key distinction between pressure and stress, the four steps to developing resilience skills (Waking Up, Controlling Attention, Becoming Detached and Letting Go), a brief and simple overview of the impact of stress on the body, and a full debrief of the Profile scores.

The principles of the training are illustrated throughout the Online with graphics and animations that make the course easy to follow and understand, and the modules include brief Q&A sections to review progress.

The Online includes all of the support materials associated with the training: downloadable mindfulness exercises, a next-day overview for addressing Profile scores, and access to the follow-up Refresher video 90 days after completion.

The Challenge of Change Online is marketed via the main UK website ( For details of the new Online, please contact Derek Roger on or

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Participant Feedback

"The Online content was seamlessly presented and easy to follow. Access to all the companion documents is invaluable and helped make the content that much more relevant to me."

"I'm glad that now I have a name for what's been my biggest issue - waking sleep. The division of the Online content into the modules was good, all made sense and was easier to digest."

"The Online course gave time to reflect and gave simple, effective tools.

"The course is evidence based and presented factually and to the point. No gimmicks and waffling. Also encourages people to reflect and practice on the content. That is the secret!"

"It was easy to do the Online in own time and in chunks."

“I liked the course a lot. Took a longer break after module one to practice and I've already noticed an improvement in my concentration and ability to let go of negative thoughts."