Taking a Chance

Evolution is often thought to be a process of trial and error. In fact, it’s the other way round: evolution proceeds by error and trial.

Who is in charge of your house?

What is controlling your responses - your thinking or you, the thinker?

The 4th Dimension - 7 Ways to Let Go

How to let go and find freedom from rumination and upset

Resilire et Robur

Resilience is both the ability to adapt to changes, and to stand firm when change is happening around you. We can practice how to do both.

The F-words

Fight, flight, flail or freeze. How we respond to perceived threat, the physiology behind our response, and how rumination can prolong it.

Something Mything

​The field of stress and stress management has more myths than the traditions of ancient Greece and Rome together.

Why do we do it?

Why do we ruminate?

Don't worry, be happy

A few months ago I attended the 13th annual conference on Happiness and Its Causes in Sydney.

Lizards and Leaders

Robert Ardrey claimed in The Territorial Imperative that a human being is 'as much a territorial animal as is a mockingbird singing in the clear California night'.

Mind Full of What?

The new buzz-word is 'mindfulness'.

Another day, another myth

During the 1950s and 60s two US Naval surgeons noticed a relationship between the number of things that had happened to people and their tendency to become ill.

To sleep, perchance to dream?

Participants in the Challenge of Change Resilience training sessions spend time at the beginning generating objectives for the day, and a common theme that emerges from the exercise is about sleep.

The Challenge of Change: A New Zealand case study

One of the consequences of a recession is a greater need for evidence when making decisions about how to spend a diminishing budget.


New Year is the time for resolutions: a new year, a new opportunity, a celebration to mark the occasion.

Being Well

‘Well-being’ and ‘wellness’ are increasingly popular phrases in the training world, but what do they actually mean?