Mitre 10

"We plan to roll it out to all employees. We've found the Challenge of Change empowers people to adapt positively to change."

Mitre 10 is an amazing Kiwi success story; already New Zealand's biggest specialist Home Improvements retailer we're getting bigger still through the launch of New Zealand owned Mega stores. To support this expansion we have aggressively expanded our sourcing offices based in both New Zealand and China enabling us to select the best local and global brands to bring to our customers. We are steadily building upon our competitive advantage enabling us to offer pricing and assortment advantages to our customers.

While we guarantee the best prices every day we also understand that we owe our customers more than just fair prices. The Mitre 10 brand is really important to New Zealanders because it is a piece of New Zealand history that belongs to all of us. New Zealanders have grown up with Mitre 10 and they trust the brand. That's because we are not an off-shoot of an international retailer run from offshore, or a major corporate, our stores are locally owned.  For these reasons local communities and the distinctiveness of New Zealand is very important to Mitre 10 causing us to get involved in New Zealand projects, for example supporting the survival of an endangered native species through the Takahe Rescue project and by simply being there for a community that needs our help by supporting the Canterbury Earthquake Fund.

Kerry Cornelious, Group Human Resources Manager, Mitre 10 (New Zealand) Limited

"This year we've offered The Challenge of Change Resilience Training to our management teams and feedback has been excellent. Later this year the Executive Team will be trained and next year we'll roll it out to all employees. Our business is currently undergoing a transformation and so it's important we equip our people with the right tools. We've found the Challenge of Change empowers people to adapt positively to change.

I like the simplicity of the four steps - simple but extremely powerful. The Profile is very insightful, you can recognise yourself and why you react in certain ways.   

The training gives the individual the confidence and the ability to really change for the better.  I particularly like the fact that the onus is on the individual to change themselves, a do it yourself approach, which fits well with the Mitre 10 philosophy! We also now have a common language we can share when we're discussing issues or problems.  We know when we're 'in the rapids' or when we need to 'get into the loft!' We backed the training up with the Refresher video course and this has been a valuable reminder. We can empathise with each other and accept a thought for just what it is and not ruminate over it. I'd recommend it as everyone can get something out of it, can easily understand its message and recall the analogies used."  

Mitre 10 has been a part of New Zealand’s home improvement culture since 1974.