Let it go

No one’s prefect - oops - perfect

Perfectionism is a path to misery and it seems to be increasing. Learn more about it, and what you can do to rid yourself of the burden.

6 Ways to Stay Calm in the Heat of the Moment

If you encounter someone difficult at work, or if someone challenges you, try these 6 techniques to collect yourself.

Who is in charge of your house?

What is controlling your responses - your thinking or you, the thinker?

The 4th Dimension - 7 Ways to Let Go

How to let go and find freedom from rumination and upset

The 4th Dimension - Letting go!

Why is Letting Go so challenging?

Resilire et Robur

Resilience is both the ability to adapt to changes, and to stand firm when change is happening around you. We can practice how to do both.

Great Expectations

We often hope that things will get better, or at least, not worse. Better or worse actually means better or worse 'for me.'

Pick it up and let it go, Part 2

This is a continuation of last week's two part blog. In light of recent tragic international events developing sensitivity to others couldn't be more important.

Pick it up and let it go, Part 1

One of the scales in the Challenge of Change Resilience Profile measures Sensitivity.

Reflecting, Sleeping, Ruminating

The key to understanding what the programme is about is attention.