Highlights Programme

  • half day
  • four steps to a resilient life
  • the opportunity to work on one personal example
  • some practical experiences in the workshop

This punchy programme covers the key points of becoming resilient. Participants have the opportunity to work a personal example. 

We cover the difference between pressure, - which cannot be avoided, - and stress, which can be avoided. We show how the mind responds in a pressure situation and how the mind can turn that situation into stress. 

We discuss and illustrate Step 1 – Wake Up, and Step 2, Control Attention and there is an opportunity for a simple experience of both these steps.

Participants are then introduced Step 3 of the programme – Detach, and Step 4 – Let Go. 

Detach is the ability to separate out the negative emotion, to see things as they are, and not to get overly involved in upset, most of which probably hasn’t happened. We discuss how the lack of detachment is experienced at work and in their personal lives, and show one method of detaching and letting go.

Course Manager, Ministry of Primary industries, 2018

Your workshop was definitely one of the favourites, and I know the participants got a lot out of it. We had a formal dinner on the Wednesday night, and everyone was raving about you and the new skills they learnt.

Alison Wheatley‑Mahon, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships, Heart Foundation, April 2023

The Challenge of Change half day workshop was invaluable for growing team members “resilience toolkits” that they could apply in their personal and professional lives. The combination of completing a personal survey, in-person workshop facilitation and excellent online resources bought to life an engaging, relevant and highly authentic piece of tailored learning and development.  Being backed up by strong research and a compelling evidence base is the icing on the case. The learnings have stickability and can be enduring as their application can be used in both the workplace and individuals’ own personal lives. This is seen as a big asset as we work and live in often increasingly demanding environments where resilience is put to the test ongoingly.

I warmly recommend the Challenge of Change course and highly savvy and talented facilitation. It really has the power of bringing to life an often complex subject in a practical, positive and empowering manner.