Leader Programme

  • two x half day or one full day
  • combines personal resilience with leading others through change
  • survey of 8 factors of personal resilience
  • practice opportunities in the sessions
  • applied exercises between sessions to embed and practice the first two steps
  • follow up videos sent three months after the course to reinforce the learning

On the course we illustrate the difference between pressure and stress. We then look at what people need from their leader in pressure situations and we give four main coaching questions to support others through pressure events and change, plus some sub-questions depending on the stage of change. Leaders have the opportunity to test these questions out using a current change or pressure experience in their workplace.

We then describe, experience, and explore how to get control of our attention. This is a significant and challenging part of the course, and the most critical step in building resilience

Prior to the course, leaders complete a confidential on-line questionnaire which explores eight factors of personal resilience.  We explore what the results mean for their resilience and then explore the implications for leading others through change.

We then look at the final two steps of the programme: Detaching and Letting Go. Detaching means the ability to stand back (or step up), and to see things in perspective. It includes the ability to stand back and observe ourselves, and to self-manage.  We describe the principles behind this step and we explore how to do this.

We also ask leaders to recognise when their teams and engaging in unhelpful behaviours during change, and when they are engaging in more positive behaviours. We describe a coaching method to help people make the move from emotional, clouded thinking and uncooperative, isolated behaviour to a more positive, open position, and how to work with people who are “stuck.”

We conclude by looking at Letting Go, - what is it exactly that we need to let go of?  We would argue that it is not only negative thinking and negative emotion, but something to do with our egos, - getting out of our way.

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