How organisations use the Challenge of Change programmes

Our clients have used the Challenge of Change Resilience workshops:

  • As part of a health and safety or well-being programme.
    A variation of this programme reduced secondary sick leave by 50% in one organisation. (There was no change in a control group.)  Many organisations also recognize stress as a hazard in health and safety legislation or case law, and view the programme as a risk management response to stress. 
  • As part of leadership programmes. 
    These clients see Resilience as a core leadership competency.
  • As part of ongoing learning and development.
    This group of clients offers the programme three or four times through the year, and all staff are free to enrol, with their manager's support.
  • For teams whose work demands are about to go through a peak.
    For example, a new IT system is being introduced, peak season is coming up, a new service is being launched, or there is a change to the work flow.
  • For teams and people whose work is changing.  
    For example, some work may be being outsourced, the work flow is being digitized and requires new skills and a different way of working with clients, or work previously sitting in another part of the organisation is being absorbed by a different team.
  • Before restructuring.
    Our programme is a way of supporting people while a new structure is being determined, and the future shape of roles and teams is uncertain.