What can the Challenge of Change Resilience programmes do for your organisation and your people?

Learning to be resilient is a life skill.

Who doesn’t have too much to do? Who isn’t in a role where deadlines are tight, the context is ambiguous, regulatory compliance is increasing, roles are being restructured, customers are demanding more, and recruitment is a challenge?  Who doesn’t also have family commitments to juggle, commuting hassles, and housing expenses?

The Challenge of Change Resilience programmes focus on building the skills required to respond healthily and productively to these inevitable life events. There are four steps to the programme. When people master the first two steps of the programme - 'Wake Up' and 'Control Attention' - they can:

  • attend to work without getting distracted
  • think clearly
  • be more productive

On the programme, participants readily identify periods like this, describing them as being 'in the zone' or 'in flow.' They say time just seems to fly, their senses are heightened, work flows, problems dissolve, ideas spark and they have feelings of mastery.  They enjoy being at work, and they achieve more of their goals.  

All workplaces can generate strong emotional reactions. Step Three – 'Detach' and Step Four - 'Let Go' acknowledge this, and show people how to retain the passion but at the same time to be able to step back from negative emotions which cloud their judgment. These two steps show people how to:

  • bring better perspective to decision-making and relationships
  • let go of real or imagined wrongs of the past so that they're no longer pre-occupied with imagined adverse futures
  • have more harmonious relationships with others and to be more compassionate 

Becoming detached and letting go free people to focus on the task at hand, as well as freeing them to be able to think more creatively about improvement, innovation and 'what's next'