Start Right Graduate's Guide

A guide for graduates in their first job.

Gaining your first job after graduation is exciting and as worthy of celebration as being awarded your degree. There is a saying that a rocket uses most of its energy during launch. It’s like that with careers too. Getting onto the right trajectory depends very much on how you manage your first few roles after graduation.

This book is designed to guide you through your first roles. It’s designed to tell you what really goes on in organisations, what is expected of you, and what will be noticed. Its purpose is to help you be successful and to propel your career.

This book was initially written at the request of a client organisation and is based on interviews with a number of organisations that have graduate programmes, as well as a review of the literature on graduate programmes.  At the end of each section are a reflection exercise and questions. It includes commentary on managing mistakes, leveraging curiosity, mobile phone etiquette, dress codes, and what to do if you run out of work. It includes such sage advice as: