Derek Roger

Dr Derek Roger qualified originally in clinical psychology, the emphasis in Derek's work subsequently shifted towards neuroscience. His ground-breaking research at the University of York in England has made him one of the world's leading experts on resilience and stress management, and Derek applies his significant experience at the cutting edge of neuroscience and psychology to working situations in an insightful and commercially relevant manner. Derek is a British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist, and is a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association.

Initiated - 20 year Research Programme 
Drawing on his expertise in personality, psychometrics and neuroscience, Derek initiated an innovative programme of research on stress and health at the University of York, where he established the internationally-renowned Stress Research Unit. The Unit was funded continuously for over 20 years by research grants and attracted a significant number of UK and international visiting researchers. 

12 years in New Zealand 
After an enjoyable and life-changing holiday in New Zealand, Derek and his wife, Gwen, moved to New Zealand in 2003. Derek has an adjunct professorship at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, which provided a platform for the research programme to continue. Derek and Gwen returned to the UK in 2015. 

Published Findings 
Findings from the research have been published in over 120 journal articles, books and conference papers, including in a number of invited keynote presentations. Please refer to the Case Studies for examples of his applied business psychology.